i know no one reads this, but i decided to write it anyways.
i've decided to run the long island marathon. when is it?! may 1, 2011. that gives me about ~5 months in order to get my ass into shape. currently, i can run a 4-miler in about 35 minutes. that's about an 8:45 mile. ain't great. ain't bad. i still have time though.

sooooooooo, the purpose of all the previous information is so that i have reinforcement. i'm going to write my mileage and training regime. si since it will be on the interweb for all to read, it gives me a little boost to follow up on what i say (even if no one reads it, there's still a chance). 

well, here it goesssssssss.
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Support for Brand New's upcoming show at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, New York on November 28th has been confirmed.

Kevin Devine, Crime In Stereo, Manchester Orchestra, Thrice and Glassjaw will join Brand New for their biggest headline show to date.

I'm going to start counting down the days now. BYEEEEEEEEEE.
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